Elderly Woman Mauled By Dogs

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A 74-year-old woman was attacked by a pack of dogs while walking in her neighborhood in Lucasville.

On March 10, Emmabelle Easter was sent to the hospital after she was surrounded by barking dogs and attacked on Crowe Hollow Road.

A neighbor heard her scream and fought off some of the dogs before calling 911.

Easter was flown to St. Mary's Medical Center and spent time in the Intensive Care Unit. She has wounds on her arms, a bandaged and infected leg and staples in her scalp.

Dwayne Mehaffey, the Scioto County dog warden, said that this is not the first time the dogs' owner has been cited for failure to confine and failure to register his dogs.

Five dogs have been taken to the pound and the warden has put up traps to catch the other dogs. The wardens believe at least five dogs attacked Easter.

The dogs will get checked by the vet and then be euthanized according to Mehaffey.

Easter was attacked by these dogs two years ago, but it was less serious and she left the hospital after the nurses cleaned the bite.

Easter is worried about paying her hospital bills, but she says that she only wants an apology from the dogs' owner.

The dogs will be quarantined until it is determined whether or not they have rabies and then they will be euthanized.