Ohio’s Gay Marriage And Religious Freedom Amendment

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On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, WOUB’s Director and General Manager Tom Hodson talks with Zach Wahls and Jen Tyrrell.

Zach Wahls first gained fame through his testimony before the Iowa State Legislature regarding the right for gay marriage in Iowa.

To date, the Youtube video of Wahls' testimony has racked up over 18 million views. Wahls is an author as well as an advocate; his latest book is entitled My Two Moms.

Hodson and Wahls discuss what "family" means in today's America and the recent movement to legalize gay marriage in the State of Ohio, among other topics.

Jen Tyrrell unexpectedly became another crusader in the gay rights movement after she was ousted from the Boy Scouts of America when it became known that she was a lesbian.

Hodson and Tyrrell discuss recent developments in the Boy Scouts of America’s policy against gay Den Leaders, as well as the initiative to introduce freedom-to-marry and religious freedom amendments to the Ohio Constitution.