Hocking College Students Aim To “Fix” Old Radio Station

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Hocking College students are taking a classic sound and giving it an indie edge.

The revamp of 97.5 FM "the Fix" from a classic rock station to a station with more of a personality will be a capstone class at the college this year.

Students like Mallory Beckley are coming up with new ideas to make this station vital to students today.

"Well, everybody had the idea of what the radio station was before, which was classic rock and it was kind of on autopilot. The same songs were being played over and over, so we are putting a personality behind it," she said.

Students in the class will be able to put their own spin on the songs that go over the airwaves.

"We are really diverse musically. We play a blend of emerging and established, independent artists and as well as up and coming artists and popular classic songs," Mallory said.

Next year the class is going to be available as an elective for Hocking College students.