Grand Jury To Continue Reported Investigation Into Sheriff Pat Kelly

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A grand jury empaneled by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to hear testimony in Athens County is expected to resume its work next month.

The grand jury, which met on three days in June, is scheduled to meet again on Sept. 20, according to a Courthouse source.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has not disclosed the purpose of the grand jury, other than to say it is investigative. It is known that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, an arm of the attorney general’s office, has been investigating allegations involving Sheriff Patrick Kelly that relate to disposal of county records, audit findings and an assault claim. Kelly has said there was no wrongdoing in regard to those matters.

Among the witnesses who appeared before the grand jury in June were people connected with the disposal of county records, and with the sale by Kelly of county scrap. Kelly has said money from the sale was properly deposited with the county treasurer.

Kelly was among those subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in June. He was called into the area where the grand jury was meeting, but stayed for only about 10 minutes.

Other county officials who appeared before the grand jury include County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn and County Commissioner Lenny Eliason. Blackburn has acknowledged that he referred matters relating to the assault allegation, records disposal and audit to the attorney general’s office. Eliason is a member of the Athens County Records Commission.

After the June meetings of the grand jury, it was scheduled to convene again in July but was postponed, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts.