Vinton County Airshow Set For Sept. 15

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For the pilots and jumpers in the Vinton County Air Show working pro bono, the only green they care about is the lush grass below their thrills amongst the sky.

The money, they all agree, should go toward the airport.

Pilots from throughout the state will join Bob Church and his Screaming Chicken Skydiving Team at this year's air show, to take place at the county airport on Sunday, Sept. 15 beginning at 11 a.m.

The show is free, although donations to the airport are appreciated. Visitors can also pay $30 per ticket for a plane ride.

The air show is the biggest event each year for the airport, which does not receive county funds to operate. That makes community support through the air show even more important, said Nick Rupert, president of the Vinton County Pilots and Boosters organization.

"Without the air show, we wouldn't be able to keep the airport open," Rupert said. "We usually get around 3,000 to 6,000 people … it's a pretty well-known event."

The event is what Rupert calls a "pilot's air show," because of the large amount of pilots who fly in to see the aerobatics and skydiving routines. All participants fly and jump for free, he said, because of their appreciation for the airport.

Among the participants include Church, who Rupert says has jumped at every Vinton County Air Show, as well as noted pilots Emerson Steward and Rob LaCerda.

There will also be the annual kid's candy drop, with an appearance from Santa Claus.

For more information about this year's Vinton County Air Show,  click here.