Vinton County Schools To Sell Unneeded Property On Ebay

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Vinton County Local School board members recently voted to create an eBay account for the district. Supt. Rick Brooks said he hopes the online auction site will efficiently sell unneeded items, and possibly at a higher profit.

The district plans to sell seven older buses with the ultimate goal of updating the school’s bus fleet with five new buses by the first of the year, stated Brooks.

Alexander Local Schools in Athens County has had an eBay account since 2010, according to the district treasurer Aaron Schirm. The district has used the account to sell old buses, as well. Before joining the site, the district would receive between $400 to $600 for an old bus. Sales on the auction site, which opens the district’s market to the world, have generated up to $5,400 for one bus.

“I don’t know if that’s going to be the case for the older models,” Brooks said. “Based on my research, a 2000-2003 bus can get higher prices. I don’t know what the ‘96 and ‘97 year buses will bring. We’re hoping we get as much out of them as we can.”