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College Town Film Festival Fosters Relationship Between Filmmakers, Students

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The College Town Film Festival kicked off on Thursday at the Athena Cinema in Uptown Athens.

Matthew Jordan and Eric Zudak are both Athens High School alumni and helped to establish the festival.

Zudak, the president of the College Town Film Festival, said the goal is to emphasize the independent film.

He said that is has become difficult to commercialize independent films. Thus, he and a couple of friends and partners created the College Town Film Festival to set off independent films.

Its aim is to travel through the country, benefit from universities experts within the field of fine arts and create an environment of shared learning between faculty and students.

“The idea is to create a relationship between independent art in general, but film specifically with university students, who are people who are just starting to a kind of choose what they like and what they want. And to try to foster a relationship for them with independent artists and independent filmmakers in specific,” he said.

He also added that bringing the festival back home to Athens is exciting for him.

“It is a great location,” Zudak said. “It has this great theater. It has a great film festival of its own in the spring, so there is already an interest there and as a sort of framework for that.”

The festivals will wrap up tomorrow night with a concert and party at Jackie O’s Brewery.