Chain Store Pharmacies Are Top Sellers Of Pseudoephedrine In WV

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Chain store pharmacies are the top sellers in West Virginia of a cold medication that's also illegally used to make methamphetamine.

A report from the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy lists six pharmacies at Wal-Mart stores among the top 10 sellers of pseudoephedrine. Three Rite Aids and one CVS also are on the list.

The report is based on data from an electronic tracking system called NPLEx.

West Virginia Retailers Association executive director Bridget Lambert tells the Charleston Gazette it's not surprising that Wal-Mart stores are on the list because they draw the largest customer base.

Wal-Mart spokesman Danit Marquardt tells the newspaper that the chain works with government officials, law enforcement and others to serve patients who benefit from these products, while protecting against their potential misuse.