N-Y schools sees slight increase in state funding, accepts $10,000 donation

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NELSONVILLE — A slight increase in state funding means good news for Nelsonville-York City School District’s finances. The school board approved the latest five-year forecast during Wednesday’s school board meeting.

The district received around 3 percent more in unrestricted funds — $8.8 million, up from $8.6 million.

“Right now, the way I’m forecasting it, we’re in a fairly healthy position for this year,” said Sandi Hurd, the district’s treasurer.

Also during the board meeting, the district accepted a $10,000 donation from the Nelsonville-York Youth Basketball league. The donation, which is designed to be a scholarship for one boy and one girl athlete who has played at least one year in the program, is to show appreciation to the school, explained John Hurd, who spoke on behalf of the league at the board meeting. Since the league was formed, school officials have permitted the league to use the school facilities free of charge.

The league has been around for about 20 years and currently works with 250 Nelsonville-York Elementary students.

Lastly, three first-graders were recognized for their achievements on their reading assessments. Principal Rebecca Dalton said Tasha Thomas, Toni McMannis and Mackenzie Dexter are all “ahead of schedule” in terms of their reading abilities.

“These students are also good role models.” Dalton added. “They always help others when needed. For that, we're recognizing them today.”

Each student was presented with a certificate, as was Tyler Roberts, a high school student. Principal Elise Stephan recognized Roberts for his work designing the school’s new vision statement, which will be on display throughout the school.