Trimble Schools May Limit Access To High School Weight Room Temporarily

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Without a policy that clearly states who can and cannot use the weight room at Trimble High School, school officials may be limiting access until something is in writing. The matter was discussed during Tuesday’s board meeting.

The weight room has never officially been open to the public, explained Principal Matthew Curtis. After rumors surfaced pertaining to individuals using illegitimate copies of keys and some conducting illicit activity at odd hours, officials decided it was time to create a policy. The door has also been propped open, stated Supt. Kim Jones, which creates a security issue.

“We want to encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but it worries us that something could happen,” Curtis said.

Board member Erica North agreed, stating the lack of monitoring creates a liability issue.

Board members Terry Holbert and Steven Miller said they will meet with school officials this week to look over the policy developed by Curtis. The policy recommends limited hours of operation outside of school hours and a possible fee for the key card.

The school recently upgraded its security system, which now requires a key card to open certain doors. The school has yet to activate that feature for the weight room door.

“A few people who use the weight room may complain, but I’d rather hear them complain for a month as we look at the policy and user agreement, as opposed to having them out there every night, all night, all hours,” Curtis said.

The soonest the board could vote on the new policy is during next month’s board meeting.