Ohio University’s Annual Halloween Blockparty Means An Increase In Police And Caution From Administration

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Ohio University's annual Halloween block party is this Saturday and Athens Police are prepared for the massive amount of people.

"We're old hat at Halloween, so our plans haven't changed significantly over the years," Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle said.  "We still bring in a sizable outside assisting force from various agencies around the state."

Police forces from all over Ohio will be assisting the Athens Police Department during the massive event, amounting to around 200 officers.

This year, Pyle says that there will be a small decrease in mounted police officers because of the Ohio State University home football game.

Pyle says that the six Columbus mounted officers will be split between the OSU home game and OU's Halloween block party.

"[Police on horseback] behooves us to have the ability have a rapid crowd control team if we need it," Pyle says.  "Fortunately, we've rarely needed that kind of control over the crowd."

Ohio University Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones addressed the student population in a cautionary email about the Halloween festivities.

In her email, Hall-Jones urges students to be safe and responsible, and to ask visiting guests to do the same.

"Please remember that we all have a shared responsibility for upholding the standards of Ohio University and respecting the City of Athens," Hall-Jones says.  "I know that you will continue to represent the University with pride this Halloween weekend and I appreciate your efforts to do so."