Anti Theft Tips Offered by Athens Prosecutor for Black Friday

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The best way to avoid being a victim of holiday shopping theft is to limit the opportunity for thieves.

That's the theme of some tips from Athens County Prosecuting Attorney Keller Blackburn as you head out this holiday shopping season.

Many people carry extra cash and credit cards. 

Not a good idea:

  • Try using a smaller wallet that holds your driver's license, a credit card and cash.
  • Keep your wallet in the front pocket of your coat or pants.

If you carry a bag:

  • Don't leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart
  • Hold your purse firmly over your shoulder and tightly grip it
  • Be aware of your surroundings, theft can occur in broad daylight.
  • Keep your bag zipped or latched.

Here are some ways to protect your credit or debit cards:

  • Carry cards in metal cases
  • Limit the time they are out of your pocket
  • When handing a card to a cashier, keep your eyes on the card
  • Finally, monitor your credit card activity so that if your security is breached you can contact your credit card company quickly.