Third Sun Solar shines light on Green Energy

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Third Sun Solar has been installing solar panels in the region since 1997.  It has helped dozens of companies and even more people in the community see what solar can do for them.

Third Sun now hosts community get togethers that allow customers and newcomers alike share their experiences with solar energy.

As the host of the event Gerald Kelly put it, "it's far easier for people in the community to explain the process to each other". The company could go on forever about the technical side of things, but as some may say, it doesn't really shed light on what it's all about. For more on solar energy go to his solar energy info site

Kelly talked about how the community makes up much of their customer base. They are the people that the company strives to help and hopes to educate on solar. So in hosting these events, the company not only hopes to help people, but also to spread solar out further than it reached before.

The company itself has helped many companies and organizations in the Athens area. For example, Third Sun helped outfit the Holzer Clinic back in 2008 and the Athens Middle School in 2006.

Some companies and organiations they helped outside of Athens include: the Kentucky National Guard, Harold Disney Training Center, Smokey's Garage- In Summit County and the Kent State University Center.  For more of their projects, check out Third Sun Solars Website.

Third Sun Solar wants to make solar energy a household idea, something that can pop up in every day conversation. To do so, company president, Geoff Rey Greenfield, says the company is going to stay on the track it is now.

It will continue more projects and help out the community where it can.

To help people decide whether solar is good for the community, Jim Witherell, an attendee at the event spoke about legislation in the area regarding solar energy.

Solar panels are notorioulsy expensive but, due to these bills and the economics of solar, the price has dropped. So going solar has never been cheaper. 

Greenfield sees Athens as a rich place when it comes to being green energy positive. It's a nexus point for cultivation and growth of the idea.

There are already some major players in the area that deal with solar energy, like Dovetail Solar & Wind. So Greenfield thinks of all places to set up the company, this was as good as any. Athens, because of Ohio University and other organizations, is already heralded as a more liberal or progressive area.

The company recently built a large system for a company in Springfield, Ohio. To keep expanding though, Greenfield said Third Sun is hiring more people, and expanding their reach in and out of the state.

Greenfield just wants to see Athens "put on the map" for having one of the largest concentration of solar run businesses, homes and schools. 

For that day to dawn though, there's a lot of work to be done.