Grand Jury Returns No Bill Decision in Coal Grove Shooting

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Lawrence County Grand Jury returned a "no bill" decision against Richard Blackshire, a Coal Grove, Ohio man, according to the Portsmouth Daily Times.

A no bill decision inidicates that the charges held against Blackshire were not supported by the evidence to warrant a criminal charge.

The case was brought up early morning of October 30, 2013 when Blackshire found Brandon Blake Danner, age 19, in his backyard attempting to steal a motorcycle. The two were alleged to have had physical altercation which caused Blackshire to shoot Danner several times.

Blackshire stated that he was in fear for his life and shot his firearm in self-defense.

The Grand Jury did return a one count indictment against Danner for Breaking and Entering, a felony of the fifth degree and his arrangement is set in Common Pleas Court for February 12, 2014.