After 3 Deaths, Ross County Coroner Warns About Shoveling Snow

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After three weather related deaths, the Ross County coroner is warning people to be careful while shoveling snow.

In the Chillicothe Gazette, John Gabis released information that three men, all over age 50, had died shortly after snoveling snow. The deaths happened in just a two-hour period of time, and don't seem to be connected.

Gabis advises citizens to pay "attention to your body when exerting yourself in cold weather and heavy exertion, especially if you have known heart disease."

In addition, he asks people to seek immediate medical attention if they develop symptoms of chest pain, nausea, sweating out of proportion to the exertion, shortness of breath, jaw pain or arm pain.

The Ohio EMA also advises shoveling with a partner, refraining from smoking, and stretching before and during shoveling in order to promote blood flow and prevent injury.