Music Of The 1960s vs. Today

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About 50 years ago to date, students at Ohio University in Athens entered into a new age of music.  The British rock scene introduced four young men from Liverpool to the United States.  We know them as The Beatles, one of the most recognizable groups to ever grace the stage.

The Athens nightlife rung with the sounds of crisp guitars.  Today, however, music in the college setting has changed quite a bit.  Hip hop and censored lyrics control the airwaves.  In the 1960s, mothers and fathers across the US considered The Beatles to be unkempt and at times vulgar.  In 2014, most laugh that The Beatles were ever considered to be inappropriate.

Ohio University students can agree that music today can cross lines. Nick Komjati, a sophomore at OU, thinks today’s music is vulgar but defends the genre.  “I am a pretty big fan of those songs.”

David Holman, another OU student, commented on the differences of songs from today and the 1960s.  "I mean obviously it’s got a different ring to it, you know music back then was a lot more conservative you know more regulated, more censored.”

Could a band older than some college age student’s parents still be relevant?

When asked if the Beatles have lived on, most OU students answered bluntly. “I am a big fan, I thoroughly enjoy their music,” Michael Drapcho stated with a smile fondly remembering the sweet sounds of Paul, George, John, and Ringo.