West Virginia Group To Reveal In-Home Chemical Test Results

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UPDATE 4:30 p.m. Taxpayer-funded researchers say the 10 West Virginia homes they tested each contained traces of a chemical that spilled into their water supply in January.

In samples taken Feb. 11-18, chemical remnants were generally about 675 times less concentrated than the federal safe drinking level for the chemical in water. The independent WV TAP group discussed results Friday at West Virginia State University.

The Jan. 9 spill contaminated 300,000 people's water for days.

Based on WV TAP's suggestion, West Virginia American Water conducted tests last week that found the spilled chemical was still coming out of its plant in treated water. Concentrations were about 2,000 times lower than the safe drinking level.

The group has also finished an odor study and literature review. The total project cost $762,000 from the state

State taxpayer-funded researchers are revealing water test results from West Virginians' homes after chemicals spilled into their water supply in January.

The independent WV TAP group will discuss their results at West Virginia State University on Friday morning. The group tested 10 home taps for the chemicals that contaminated 300,000 people's water for days starting Jan. 9.

The group has finished two offshoots of the project that cost $762,000. An odor study determined it's easier to smell the black-licorice chemical scent than the state thought, even at low concentrations deemed safe to drink.

The second study reinforced how little is known about the chemical or its health effects.

At a Monday event, the researchers will critique the federal safe level established for one of the chemicals in the drinking water.