Ohio House Approves Kasich’s Midterm Budget Bill

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State representatives of both parties have criticized Ohio Gov. John Kasich for saddling them with a midterm budget bill loaded with proposals they called unsuited for a non-budget year.

One fellow Republican said Kasich's practice of proposing voluminous off-year budgets was putting the governor in control of Ohio's legislative branch of government.

Rep. Terry Boose's remarks came Wednesday before the House voted 57-33 to pass the measure.

Democrats railed particularly against a last-minute amendment to one of nine bills derived from Kasich's 1,600-page "midbiennium review" that were up for votes Wednesday. The revision changed campaign finance law to lift a disclosure requirement applied to independent political expenditures and loosen political-giving restrictions on state contractors.

Other bills up to for votes addressed education, job training, veterans and workers' compensation.