Student Enrollment Numbers Increased…

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The number now: "That is above last year's final fall number so we've passed last year's number already."

Reputation: "I think it's pretty evident. The students apply to institutions they are interested in and hear more about. We continuiley do well when it comes to student's comments."

"They see the affordability that we have with our scholarship program."

"It says a lot about the continued qulity of our education programs."

"We work on a rolling admission process which means we take applications throughout the whole year. So there's not really a deadline, technically the deadline is when classes start."

"We take applications throughout the whole year."

"Application starts in August."

"We also set a record for in-state applications."

About 14.000 of these 20.000 applications come from Ohio and about 7.000 come from out-of state which includes international application which are about 900. Out-of-state applications are the same as last year, internationals are lower, but last year was a record, it's now down by 2.5 %