Ohioans Rally To Urge State Lawmakers To Give More Money For College

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About 100 people rallied at the Ohio Statehouse today, saying lawmakers need to do more to make college affordable. The students, parents, professors and others are saying priorities in state funding needs to change.

The people attending a rally sponsored by the Ohio Higher Education Coalition said they want college to be more affordable. They want more state money based on student need. Kiala Rile is a senior at Ohio State University. She said it’s been difficult to pay the bills.

"My family didn’t have any money to save for my education so I really had to figure it out on my own," Rile said. "And I felt lost as soon as I got out of high school."

Rile said she’s worked part time all through college and has taken on student debt that could prove difficult to pay off. Rile and other students hope lawmakers will re-prioritize funding in the future to help them pay for college and to make sure colleges spend more money in the classrooms.