Ancient Roads From Christ To Constantine

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Thursdays May 14 and 21 • 9 p.m.

A compelling six-hour television series, Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine, takes viewers on an exciting and visually stunning journey to the beautiful and important historical places where Christianity was born and grew from a small movement called “The Way” to its place as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Today, Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with over 2 billion followers.

We travel with host Jonathan Phillips on a journey into the fascinating world of the early Christians and meet experts who have devoted their lives to the study of this important historical period. We explore the triumphs and tribulations of the faith’s long struggle, reliving its pivotal moments at the actual locations where those events unfolded – from Judea where Jesus preached, through the places where Paul the Apostle traveled to make the God of one nation into the God of all peoples, through the great persecutions that the early Christians faced and finally to Rome, where Roman Emperor Constantine the Great embraced the faith as his own.

Join host and narrator, Jonathan Phillips, author and distinguished history professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, as he takes us on a 12,000 mile personal journey through seven countries in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East to bring this rich history to life. This journey is both entertaining and enlightening, full of sights and sounds that capture the essence of Christianity’s early history and its incredible triumph against all odds.



Pagans and the Cult of Martyrs/May 14

We will travel to North Africa and tell the story of Perpetua, a young Christian martyr, whose extraordinary story still resonates today. We will go to places where Christians faced unimaginable violence because of their beliefs, where the Roman Empire threatened everything that Christians stood for with their pagan temples, emperor cult, and vicious tortures.

Constantine /May 21

In our last hour, we see how Rome exerted its fullest effort to eradicate Christianity. But both emperors and empires had fallen exhausted, while the faith grew stronger. It would be the conversion of one man that would fully transform the fortunes of the Christian Faith. He is known as Constantine the Great. This is his incredible story.