Athens City Schools Superintendent to Retire as Investigation Ends

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  1. Carl Martin to Retire as Athens City School Superintendent Ben Postlethwait 1:01
Carl Martin
Carl Martin

Thursday (May 21), the Athens City School Board announced that Superintendent Carl Martin will retire effective July 31st after being placed on administrative leave in February.

The current Associate Supt. Tom Gibbs will then into that position and the position of Associate Supt. will be eliminated for financial considerations.

This comes after a 3 month-long investigation which included 12 interviews into whether or not Martin failed to report sexual relations between a teacher and students.

Martin’s retirement marks the end of this investigation.

The teacher in question, Isaac Thomas, was sentenced to five years in prison for those relationships on February 6th.

Martin was placed on administrative leave in February after those allegations surfaced in the Athens County Prosecutors office.

The Isaac Thomas case sparked policy change within Athens City Schools which includes expanded training for district employees and the revision of policy definitions regarding child abuse or neglect.

May 2015 Board Press Release