Full Event Audio: ISU SSP 2015 Astronaut Panel

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Four astronauts from around the world gathered at Ohio University on June 17th for the International Space University Space Studies Program’s astronaut panel.

The panel featured:

Jack Schmitt: the Lunar Module pilot of 1972’s Apollo 17 mission

Soyeon Yi: the first South Korean in space, traveled to the International Space Station in April 2008

Paolo Nespoli: Italian Astronaut, flew on Space Shuttle Mission STS-120 in 2007, traveled to the International Space Station in 2010

Bob Thirsk: flew aboard Space Shuttle for Spacelab mission STS-78 in 1996, flew to the International Space Station aboard as flight engineer in 2009.

Russ College of Engineering Dean Dennis Erwin served as the moderator for the event.