New Executive-in-Residence Helps New Start-Up Businesses Launch and Grow

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With over a decade of experience in university-based entrepreneurship, Lee Groeschl has joined the staff of TechGROWTH Ohio and the Ohio University Innovation Center to help start-up businesses launch and grow in this region.

As part of a team of Executives-in-Residence, Groeschl assists entrepreneurial teams in the areas of intellectual property protection, legal issues, regulatory matters, business planning, capital acquisition, technology licensing and exit strategy planning.

Prior to coming to Ohio University, Groeschl has experience with university-based technology transfer issues at the University of Iowa and the University of North Dakota.

Groeschl recently discussed his expertise with WOUB’s Tom Hodson.

Groeschl’s particular background is working with universities and private technology inventors to commercialize their technologies through new venture formation and execution.

He was certified by the University of California-Berkeley and the National Science Foundation in 2012 as a “Launchpad Certified Venture Instructor.” As a result, he has led multiple teams in the innovation and new venture process.

Groeschl was brought to Ohio University and its innovation ecosystem to assist in the technology transfer arena.

He says he is encouraged by what he has seen of the nature of innovations in this area of Ohio.