Public Libraries Host New Wifi Hotspot in New Marshfield

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New Marshfield’s Waterloo Community Senior Center, 4005 Old State Route 56, recently became the location of the second wireless hotspot hosted by the Athens County Public Libraries (ACPL). Users will be able to access free, high-speed internet on their own wireless devices, both inside the Center’s parking lot and in the nearby community park.

ACPL’s first hotspot was installed at the Amesville Grange in 2014 and has been popular among residents, as well as people passing through the village who may want to simply send an important email or download apps and attachments in the Grange parking lot.

While a library card or password is not needed to use the hotspots or the libraries’ extensive research databases on-site, a user who has a card can stream and download eAudiobooks and eBooks, popular magazines, and even music and movies from the digital library at

“But it’s not just limited to library resources,” said James Hill, ACPL’s assistant director and access coordinator. “It’s a 24/7 internet connection that makes resources available to someone who may not have access to high-speed internet at home and doesn’t want to drive to the nearest library. You can check email, conduct business, do homework, anything.”

“Each of ACPL’s seven buildings also serve as wifi hotspots,” continued Hill, “even when the buildings are closed.”

ACPL partnered with the Waterloo Community Senior Center Board to make this location possible. For more information, call the Nelsonville Public Library at 740-753-2118.