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Ohio Football at a Crossroads Heading to Kent State

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Greg Windham could be on his way out as Ohio’s starting quarterback. He was pulled against Eastern Michigan last week after failing to move the ball on offense.

Backup quarterback Quinton Maxwell was put in the game and led Ohio to their only passing touchdown in the game with 8:14 left in the fourth quarter.

“Quinton [Maxwell] came in and I thought played well.” Ohio Coach Frank Solich said. “His passing percentage was very good, he showed that he also can run, he’s a big strong quarterback, so he gives you that dimension along with staying in the pocket.”

Even though Solich said Windham did a good job running the football, Solich continued to say that he missed a lot of reads in the game and that he needs to do a better job doing that.

It will be interesting to see where Ohio will go with their current quarterback situation this Saturday. Ohio (4-3) will take on Kent State (2-5) at Dix Stadium at 1:00 p.m. The Ohio coaches and players were giving no hints as to who the starting quarterback will be all week.

The coaches and players are doing this to most likely keep Kent State on their heels as to who will be under center. Because of this, Kent cannot have a for sure game plan for either guy. It is very possible that we will see both in action and having each player prove who deserves the starting job.

“You still need to have probably two quarterbacks ready to play and that will be our main goal.” Solich said. “And our main goal will be to put the guy on the field that’s playing the best.”

However, the quarterback situation is not the only thing Ohio will have to worry about. Kent State has a solid run game and will have to focus their game plan around stopping it. Just like Ohio, Kent has had some changes at quarterback but the Golden Flashes’ change was due to injury,

Where Kent excels in is running out of the wildcat. Even though the wildcat formation is a dead giveaway of a for sure run play, Kent does a great job in disguising this with lineman schemes and play fakes.

“They will run out of the wildcat and they have a very good running good offense,” Solich said. “Especially when they run out of a wildcat type of situation. That is something that we definitely have to be ready for.”

Every Mid-American Conference game is almost a must win at this point for the Bobcats. With a tight race for the MAC East, Ohio will have to play their best football from here on out.