Childsplay: A Story about Fiddles, Fiddlers and a Fiddlemaker

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Airs Thursday, January 12 at 9 p.m. 

child_s_play_a_story_of_fiddlersImagine the work it takes to become a world-class musician. Then imagine laying aside your singular quest in order to create music collaboratively, to embrace something bigger than yourself … to make a sound in which unity blends seamlessly within the multitude of talent surrounding you. That is the experience of the band Childsplay.

In this classic concert film you will not only get to hear the very special sound that that has come to characterize Childsplay, a who’s who of talented fiddle players (from all-Ireland fiddle champions to Boston Symphony violinists) and stellar all-star supporting cast, but you will learn more about the special origins of the group. For 26 years now, all the string players have performed on violins made by the same violinmaker, Bob Childs.

This film tells the story of the group’s beginnings, of a man’s search to find his voice and realize a dream that has culminated in the creation of a musical collective that produces some of the best contemporary fiddle music, song and dance being played today. Tune in to a set of powerhouse performances and reflect upon the beauty of American Roots Music!