The West Virginia State Capitol at night

West Virginia House OKs Fund-Raiser Reporting, Litter Fines

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – West Virginia’s House of Delegates has voted to require lawmakers promptly report fund-raising events held while the Legislature is in session.

The bill approved 98-0 would require reporting all campaign donors and amounts within five business days of an event.

The House has also voted 95-3 to pass legislation to raise most fines for littering or dumping.

Delegate Rupert Phillips, lead sponsor, says it makes no sense to throw trash out your car window, especially in a state with pretty rivers, lakes and mountains where most businesses have receptacles and even large items can be put out for regular collection.

It mandates $10,000 fines for dumping more than 500 pounds of refuse.

Phillips says they need to make sure magistrates don’t drop charges.

Both bills now go to the Senate.