SEPTA Inmate Caught; Police Search For Third Escapee

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septa inmates
From left to right: Justin Stanley, David Skeens, Troy Brandon Tyler Byrd








Another SEPTA Correctional Facility escapee was arrested earlier today in Licking County. SEPTA Program Coordinator Scott Weaver said after Justin Stanley, 25, was spotted by police, he ran out into traffic and was “injured by a car.” Stanley was then taken to the Licking County Medical Facility.

Now, one SEPTA escapee is still at large. Troy Brandon Tyler Byrd, 29, escaped Saturday April 1st from the west wing of the SEPTA. According to Weaver, Byrd does not have a violent history. He says Byrd was in SEPTA on a drug possession conviction.

Stanley and David Skeens, 30, escaped SEPTA together on Friday March 31. They escaped over the east wing security fence. Weaver says these fences include concertina wire on the top and bottom and is unsure what injuries the three inmates may have sustained after going through the wired fence. Skeens was arrested Sunday morning.

Concertina wire has razor thin blades on its coil. SEPTA fences have the ones with the longer barbs. Weaver says SEPTA enhanced the fences on both the east and west wings following the February escapes of SEPTA inmates Zachariah Spires and Leonard Lowery.

Weaver says after apprehension, escapees will be taken into custody at the apprehension area’s jail, transferred to the sentencing county’s jail, then given a revocation hearing for not completing SEPTA.

Escapees face felony three escape charges and can expect up to two years of additional time added to their uncompleted sentence. The maximum time in a SEPTA facility is 180 days.

“It just isn’t worth the cost for whatever impulsive decision seems to be hitting at the moment,” said Weaver.