Ohio House Preparing To Make Changes To Kasich’s $67B Budget

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – State representatives are beginning the process of making adjustments to Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget bill, which cuts income taxes and freezes college tuitions with the help of tax hikes on alcohol, tobacco and gas drilling.

Proposed amendments to Kasich’s $66.9 billion, two-year spending blueprint are due Friday to Republican House Finance Chairman Ryan Smith, of Bidwell.

Significant portions of Kasich’s tax and education packages appear in jeopardy, based on statements by legislative leaders.

During Tuesday’s State of the State, the Republican governor urged lawmakers to retain his municipal tax reforms and his investments in job training and innovation.

The House’s budget plan must address state tax revenues that fell $203 million below projections last month, according to a preliminary analysis by the Office of Budget and Management.