Athens and Albin Topple the Spartans

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The beginning of TVC-Ohio action for Alexander and Athens lived up to the general expectations of what might happen in this one—Athens jumped out on top early, the second play from scrimmage, in fact, and they never looked back, ending up on top 48-0.

That second play of the night for Athens was a 52-yard touchdown reception for Treyce Albin, a play that established right away the explosive and aggressive style that the Bulldogs would put into action for the rest of the night. The Alexander Spartans were simply behind all night—behind in points and trailing behind Athens’ speedy offense.

The two teams’ offensive attacks were completely polarizing. Alexander could get nothing going, as other than the occasional play down field, Athens’ defense simply swarmed to wherever the ball was and laid sure hits on whoever was in their way. The Spartans were at a severe size disadvantage, and it showed in the way that Athens’ blockers constantly had defenders on the ground. Alexander tried to put a plan in action that best suited their offense but were simply overmatched. Quarterback Kaleb Easley completed one pass for 36 yards, and that was the entire aerial attack. The entire offense could only muster up 71 yards of offense all game.

Athens, however, was firing on all cylinders. Quarterback Clay Davis was one of the deciding factors for the Bulldogs, as he racked up six total touchdowns, three on the ground and three through the air. His favorite target was Albin. In the first half alone he received 116 yards of passing as well as two touchdowns. He even dropped a sure third touchdown, at the end of the first half, but clearly Albin and his team were able to maintain their energy despite that mistake.

The Athens defense is a threat of its own, as they seemed to be in the backfield on every play disrupting the quarterback’s rhythm and quickly shutting down any opportunity Alexander had to move the ball downfield.

Athens (3-1, 1-0) is on a roll that they want to carry them throughout the rest of the season and they have a shot to keep going next week at Vinton County.

Alexander (1-3, 0-1) will need to regroup to rebound against Wellston.