Federal Hocking School Board Fills Three Open Seats

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Three empty seats are now filled on the Federal Hocking School Board.

Kerry Sheridan-Boyd and Sara Brumfield took the lead on election night. Sheridan-Boyd earned 1,045 votes with 29% of the votes and Sara Brumfield earned 983 votes with 27% of the vote. Incumbent Lester Green will return to his seat on the board after he finished third to fill the final open spot with 887 votes, 25%.

Sheridan-Boyd, Brumfield, and Green will join the rest of the board at a conference in Columbus this weekend, and they will attend the next board meeting on November 21.

The three board members stressed the importance of maintaining the budget to make sure they can continue to add items they had to cut during budget cuts years ago.

Brumfield spoke with WOUB after the election, she says she is looking forward to proposing the idea of gifted education in elementary schools. She is excited to get to work on the board.

“Ecstatic. I am so excited, this is something I’ve been pondering since last November,” Brumfield said. “And so after the last election I was feeling a little discouraged and you know I think you will see across the county there’s a lot of women who have stepped up to run for local elections, especially school board. So I think you will see a lot of new faces around the county.”

This story will be updated as we have reactions from the two other winning candidates.