Ohio Clinic Displays Abortion Messages on Billboards

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CLEVELAND (AP) – Ohio’s largest abortion clinic has launched an advertising campaign aimed at challenging the stigma around the procedure.

Preterm’s My Abortion, My Life campaign includes 16 billboards around Cleveland, where the clinic is located.

Each billboard displays a sentence beginning with “Abortion is…” and ending with a different phrase. Some phrases include “a parenting decision,” ”necessary” and “your right.”

The campaign follows Republican Gov. John Kasich’s signing of legislation Dec. 22 that prohibits doctors from performing abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Opponents, including abortion rights groups, have criticized the law as part of systematic efforts by the GOP-controlled state to outlaw all abortion care. The ACLU of Ohio says the law is unconstitutional.

Ohio Right to Life championed the measure. It argues it prevents discrimination built on misinformation.