Surprising Close Matchup Between Waterford and Federal Hocking

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Tonight’s matchup between Federal Hocking and Waterford was definitely one of the most intense matchups either team has played all season long.

Each side had their share of struggles, and their share of successes.  Ultimately though, the Wildcats outlasted the Lancers 44-39.

The first quarter was dominated early on by the Wildcats, as the Lancer offense struggled to find rhythm without Freshman forward Nate Massie on the floor.  They had opportunities to score, but fell short in gathering in offensive rebounds.

When Massie did see the floor, he had two blocks and an assist, which got their defense rolling.  Waterford would end the first quarter up 12-4 on the Lancers.

The second quarter although, was a different story than the first.  The quarter that usually plagues the Lancers, was arguably their best quarter of the game.

Nate Massie would lead the Federal Hocking offense, scoring five points in a minute and thirty seconds bringing the score to 16-9.  Waterford’s Austin Pyatt would answer Massie though a big three-pointer for the Wildcats, but that didn’t get the Lancer offense down.

Nate Massie would hit another one of his big three-pointers in the game, which gave life to Federal Hocking’s offense.  Hunter Smith would take a nice inside pass from Massie, and hit the layup, 19-14 Waterford.

Branden Gould would take a fast break back to the hoop after a Waterford three-pointer, and the teams would score back and forth in the final minutes of the half.

The big story of the first half was Nate Massie, he may not have started this game, but he had 12 points with just over a minute to go in the half, including the layup to bring the game within one, and the half would end with Waterford still up 23-22.

Coming out of the locker room to start the second half, the Lancers continued to struggle to grab rebounds on both ends of the court.

Waterford capitalized on their dominance off the glass in the third quarter and were able to add nine points in the quarter, and hold Fed Hock to just one.

Brad Russell would score the long point in the quarter on a free throw for the Lancers, and had a big block that led to the foul shots, but with Nate Massie only on the floor for part of the quarter, the Fed Hock offense just was not able to get rolling.

Waterford would take a larger lead, 32-23.

The Lancers would not go away quietly though, and to start the fourth quarter, Nate Massie would hit a three from deep and keep the Lancers in the game, the score 32-26 Wildcats over the Lancers.

On the inbound Brad Russell would block the pass, and it would be picked up by Hunter Smith, who would dish it to Branden Gould for the easy layup, making it a four point game.

With three minutes to go in the game the Wildcats began to pull away from the Lancers.  The Wildcats hit crucial free throws at the end of the game, and were able to put the game away 44-39, despite a late three pointer from Nate Massie.

The Lancers were led in scoring tonight by Nate Massie who had 20 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks.

Branden Gould would add nine points for Federal Hocking, and Brad Russell had a great defensive effort with four points, six rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Waterford’s leading scorer in the contest was Travis Pottmeyer, who had 13 points, and four rebounds, and Noah Huffman added 7 points for the Wildcats.

Federal Hocking and Waterford will both be back in action on Friday night, February 2nd.  The Lancers will play host to the Belpre Golden Eagles, while the Wildcats will host the Southern Tornadoes.