Solar Power Company Reacts to Tariff

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At least one local solar panel installation company is concerned customers won’t be able to afford their products.

President Trump’s 30 percent tariff on solar cells raises the cost of Chinese-made solar panels, and companies are passing that increase to their customers. One company, Dovetail Wind & Solar, who controls installing, engineering and contracting, are adjusting to the new reality of the market.

Dovetail’s Southeast Ohio Sales Executive, Rob Ryan, is not letting the tariff prevent him from achieving his mission of cleaner energy.

“I’m trying to be apart of the pioneering forefront that’s moving America and the rest of the world to a cleaner way to produce energy,” Ryan said. “It’s nothing that is a huge major setback in my mind and I think Solar energy companies should keep moving forward.”

Going forward, Dovetail Wind & Solar will have to monitor how the tariff is impacting their business. It is too early to see any noticeable changes with local companies, but expect the tariff to make its impact over the next few months.