Music Takes Over Ohio University’s Campus

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Courtesy of Ohio University

by Conshea Brown

The Singing Men of Ohio (SMO) hosted their spring annual Invitational this past Saturday, April 28th. The event was free to all community members but donations to the all mens choir were accepted. Section 8, the a capella group derived from SMO performed six songs at the end of the show including; Sign of The Times by Harry Styles and their yearly tradition of singing the Pie Song.


The event was held in the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, right on College Green in the middle of Ohio University’s campus. This past invitational was the 16th one put on by the Singing Men of Ohio. The performance continues to be a tradition year after year that each group attends to showcase brand new songs, choreography, and to sing some of their standards that they had been singing all semester.

All of the other groups including; The Picardy Thirds, The Leading Tones, The Tempo Tantrums, New Chords On The Block, and Title IX, performed five songs each for a show lasting about two and a half hours. All of the groups have been working for months in advanced to the show this April to make sure their final performances were the best they could be.


Both senior performers of The Tempo Tantrums and Section 8 (Lexie Pritchard and AJ Johnson) both had the common theme of importance for the annual invitational, “it’s to bring the a capella community of Ohio University together”.