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Award-winning Journalist Studies Today’s Climate Change by Looking at the Past

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Andrew Revkin has spent his professional career covering environmental issues and writing about them contemporaneously. However, his most recent book, just published in May 2018, tracks climate change by looking at 100 historical events that help explain today’s climate debate.
The book is “Weather: An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases to Climate Change” published by Sterling and it is co-authored by Revkin’s wife, Lisa Mechaley.
He goes back to pre-history and brings the important climate events, people and milestones forward to our current political climate-change debate.
Each short narrative section is accompanied by stunning illustrations.
During his discussion with Spectrum’s podcast host Tom Hodson, he highlights some of the most noteworthy historical events and personalities with fascinating and sometimes witty stories about people such as Benjamin Franklin and his lightning rod and weather events like the killer London Fog of the 1950’s.
Revkin certainly has the credentials to write a retrospective on weather and climate change.
He is award winning environmental journalist, author, educator, musical composer and performer.
Andy spent 21 years writing about the environment for the New York Times and created the popular Dot Earth blog for the Times. He also was the first journalist to report from drifting sea ice at the North Pole.
He then spent time writing for ProPublica doing investigative pieces.
He now is the Strategic Adviser for Environmental and Science Journalism at the National Geographic Society. He also has spent time teaching at Pace University.
In addition to writing, Revkin is a musical composer and performer. He often performed with the legendary environmentalist/folk singer Pete Seeger. In 2013, he released his musical CD called a Very Fine Line filled with compositions he wrote. It is performed by “Andy Revkin and Friends.”