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Putin Gets What He Wants Out of Pres. Trump At Helsinki & Beyond

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Russia is trying to elevate its power in Europe and on the world stage and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin is manipulating the United States and other countries in the process, according to professor, author and expert on Russia Dr. Steven Miner.
To gain prestige and power, Putin is wanting to split the NATO alliance as well as disrupt and denigrate European and American politics and democracies, says Dr. Miner. Disruption plays into Putin’s plans.
President Donald Trump gave the appearance of aiding that cause by his recent “bullying tactics” at the NATO Summit in Brussels, supporting an opponent of British Prime Minister Theresa May, and not supporting his own intelligence agencies during a press conference in Helsinki.
All of these factors, notes Dr. Miner, assists Putin and his strategy. He describes Putin as a master manipulator of people and situations for Russia’s own ends. This is what appears to have happened at the Helsinki Summit and with Russia’s interference with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Dr. Miner adds.
In addition to the Helsinki Summit, Dr. Miner notes Putin’s policy was in play with Maria Butina who was recently arrested in Washington, D.C. for being an unregistered Russia agent and for attempting to influence American politics.
Dr. Miner further states that Pres. Trump’s invitation for Putin to visit the White House this fall gives Putin and Russia additional status and prestige.
Trump’s verbiage about Russia and his friendliness with Putin belies the fact that Russia directly interceded in America’s electoral and democratic processes, Miner adds.
Dr. Miner is a professor at Ohio University with a specialty in Russia/Soviet and East European history. He is an award winning author and just completed writing a book called “The Furies Unleashed: The Soviet People at War, 1941-1945. He is a former director of the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University.