organist Christopher Houlihan, who will be performing at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Athens on Friday, October 5. (Photo by Aleks Karjaka)

Organist Christopher Houlihan Headed to Athens on October 5

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The organ is one of the largest, loudest, and most dynamic instruments one can play. Although it’s strongly associated primarily with churches and liturgical services, the powerful instrument has a lot of potential in a contemporary context, something that lauded organist Christopher Houlihan knows a thing or two about.

“I started organ lessons when I was 12, and I have to tell you, for whatever reason, I didn’t find it intimidating at all; I found it exciting and thrilling and I still think that it is an instrument that people may be less familiar with,” Houlihan said in an interview with WOUB. “But when they see and hear an organist play a live concert, they are always blown away and fascinated by this amazing instrument and the music written for it.”

Listen to WOUB’s entire interview with Houlihan, embedded above. He will perform at 7:30 p.m. at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church (69 Mill Street, Athens, OH) on Friday, October 5, and on Sunday, October 7 at Westminster Presbyterian Church (125 North Wilkinson Street, Dayton, OH) at 4 p.m.