Governor Kasich says, “Don’t Blame Immigrants For Taking Your Jobs.”

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Gov. John Kasich says it’s not right for immigrants to be blamed for taking jobs away from Ohioans.

Kasich rejects the notion that immigrants – legal or illegal – are stealing jobs from Ohioans.

“They didn’t take your job. What’s happened is you haven’t been given the skills and ability to adapt,” Kasich says.

Kasich has been a vocal critic of President Trump’s immigration policies. When asked why Trump keeps talking about the migrant caravan headed through Mexico to the U.S. border, Kasich responds this way.

“People are concerned about the fact that we have a secure border but I think it’s also connected to trying to rev up the base,” Kasich says.

Kasich says the focus shouldn’t be on immigration but rather Ohio’s education system, which he says needs to better prepare people for the high-tech jobs of tomorrow.