NPR’s “Life Kit” Podcasts: Tools To Help You Get It Together

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First two roadmaps for auditory learners are available now, with more publishing each month

Life Kit, a new family of podcasts from NPR, will give listeners practical information and guidance to help them navigate life’s big and small challenges. Life Kit podcasts are overviews of a problem or question in areas where NPR has deep expertise — starting with personal finance, health and wellness, and parenting. Each topical guide is composed of multiple episodes, beginning with the basics and leveling up to more complex questions, to help you no matter where you’re starting from.

Life Kit from NPR is a deliberate extension of our public service mission,” said Anya Grundmann, senior vice president for programming and audience development. “Life Kit will inspire, entertain, and give listeners the tools they need to make smart life choices, delivered with journalistic rigor — the NPR way.”

The first two Life Kit audio guides are available now on NPR One, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Secrets Of Saving And Investing,’ business correspondent Chris Arnold tackles uncertainties about saving and investing.

Learn To Love (Or At Least Like) Exercise,’ hosted by health correspondent Allison Aubrey and senior science editor Maria Godoy, gives strategies to help make an exercise habit stick.

Two more guides, ‘Find Money You Didn’t Know You Had‘ and ‘Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life,’ will be released January 14. Another batch of podcasts will publish in February. One will be on dealing with debt. Another will focus on how to have difficult conversations with children — developed in partnership with Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization that produces Sesame Street.

Listeners can subscribe to a newsletter for the latest updates and information on new Life Kit guides. Portions of Life Kit will also air across Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Life Kit podcasts are for those ready and motivated to make a change but simply unsure where or how to start,” said Neal Carruth, general manager of podcasts. “We know audio is one of the most convenient ways for people to learn. With Life Kit, NPR wants to be more intentional about helping our audience improve their lives.”

New Life Kit podcasts will be released each month based on what you want to know. These audio guides are the first part of NPR’s ambition to create a roster of resources – additional newsletters, communities, and more – to help listeners and readers improve their lives in everything from life skills to travel.

“For years, I’ve produced mostly news and narrative podcasts for NPR, but this is an exciting opportunity to talk directly to the listeners about how to enrich their daily lives and develop important life skills,” said Meghan Keane, managing producer.

Life Kit‘s launch sponsor is LinkedIn.