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EQT Gas Company to Pay $53M to Settle Lawsuit Over Royalties

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (AP) – Court documents say the second-largest natural gas producer in West Virginia will pay $53.5 million to settle a federal class-action lawsuit over royalty payments to residents and businesses. The deal’s terms were unsealed Wednesday. Pittsburgh-based EQT Corp. agreed to pay the money to settle the suit brought for about 9,000 people… Read More

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Episode 048: Paleontologist and explorer Nancy Stevens talks about the adventure of science

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Paleontologist Nancy Stevens is a scientist but most of all, she says, she’s an explorer. Leading teams in Africa and other places, Nancy has discovered new fossil species from mammals to frogs. Some of her finds are groundbreaking, like the oldest fossil evidence of the split between Old World monkeys and apes. When on a… Read More