Spartans Cruise Through Playoffs Over N-Y

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In the middle of the second quarter, Caleb Terry drove up the lane, pushing defenders out of his way to carve a clear path for a slam dunk. The moment his hands hit the rim, the referee blew his whistle signaling a foul on the play. Terry had a 3-point slam dunk play.

Alexander played Nelsonville-York two times prior to their playoff matchup, but the third time against the Buckeyes did not prevent the offense from exploding on the hardwood.

With all five Spartan starters scoring in double-digits, the 36-point gap was in Alexander’s favor with a final score of 78-42.

It was an impressive game overall for the Spartans, who came into the first round of playoffs with an overall record of 15-7. The first half set the tone for the rest of the game, where the Spartan’s came out firing on all cylinders.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes were struggling to find their rhythm. By the third game, Nelsonville-York had figured out what to expect from the Spartans. Yet, the team continued to be at a disadvantage against a well-rounded Alexander.

All five starters combined points made up for more than half of the total score, proving how impactful the first half was for the team. Terry led the team with 14 points, six rebounds and six blocks. Following behind him was Matthew Brown, who totaled 13 points, one rebound and five assists.

Rounding out the starting lineup in point totals include Dylan Mecum, who dropped 11 points, three rebounds and two assists. Tying at 10 points apiece, Kameron Riley and Stone Markins-Irwin finished off the star-studded night.

On the other hand, Nelsonville-York has nothing to be ashamed as their season ends. Last season, the team only had five wins for their record, this year, they improved to nine, ending with a record of 9-13.

Leading the way for the Buckeye’s final game of the season was Bryce Richards, who dropped 15 points and three rebounds. Following behind him was Justin Perry, who had eight points and two steals for the night.

The Spartans move deeper into the playoffs, with their next game back in Jackson where they will face Fairland at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.