Officials Offer Safety, Health Tips After Kentucky Flooding

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Health officials are urging Kentucky residents affected by recent flooding to follow safety and health tips.

The state Public Health Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say don’t attempt to drive through flood waters. Stay away from downed power lines and dangerous natural gas and propane leaks. Update tetanus vaccinations before starting cleanup.

For cleanup, wear safety equipment and use ground fault interrupters if available for electrical tools. Never use electrically powered tools in or near standing water. When cleaning up mold, wear protective gear and keep doors and windows open.

If you’ve had a power outage, perishable foods that have been above 40 degrees for two hours or more should be tossed. A full freezer will hold its appropriate temperature for about 48 hours, and a half-full freezer for 24 hours.