The multi-camera stream of WOUB's coverage of the 2019 Ohio University Homecoming Parade.

Watch the 2019 Ohio University Homecoming Parade Here

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Ohio University alumni from across the globe have a chance to feel like they traveled to Athens be a part of one of the most cherished annual events that celebrates what it means to be a Bobcat, thanks to a partnership between WOUB Public Media, the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab in the J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies and the Scripps College of Communication, and Ohio University’s Advancement Events.

WOUB is providing special coverage of the Ohio University Homecoming Parade Saturday, October 12 consisting of both a live multi-camera stream and an immersive live 360 video, provided by the GRID Lab. The 360 stream will start at approximately 9:30 a.m. EDT, and the multi-camera stream will begin at the parade’s kick off time of 10 a.m. EDT. Click the link above to watch.

Michael Rodriguez, WOUB’s Director of Production Services & Student Development, is the executive producer of the project. He said the 360 camera footage in particular provides a “unique perspective, from the top to the bottom, so to speak.”

“(Every year) I work with the Advancement Department, and they really think this type of coverage is an asset, so far as being able to allow alumni to view the parade from a distance,” said Rodriguez. “When people log into the stream through the viewing link, they will be able to navigate the 360 camera by using their fingers (on mobile devices) and they’ll be able to see faces in the crowd.”

Rodriguez said that there is a total crew of about 22 WOUB volunteers between the two streams, some of them being students of the GRID Lab, some students familiar with working with WOUB, and some of them being associated professionals.

“This is another type of production that students are able to be involved in that is not news or sports, and creative skills are needed in a different way,” said Rodriguez. “(Students) look forward to the challenge.”

Erica Lipscomb, the Associate Director of Ohio University’s Advancement Events, expressed excitement about WOUB’s coverage of the Homecoming Parade.

“I love that because of the parade broadcast everyone has the opportunity to be a part of homecoming,” she said, “Alumni and friends in LA, Boston, Florida and everywhere in between, because of the broadcast, can have a little piece of Ohio University and Athens in their home for homecoming weekend.”

“Homecoming is an important celebration to Ohio University because it brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff and community. It’s an opportunity to come home, to cheer on the athletes at the football game, to share your Bobcat pride, to dance along with the Marching 110, to enjoy the beauty of campus and Athens,” Lipscomb said. “Homecoming helps remind all of us why Ohio University holds a special place in our hearts.”