Gov. Mike DeWine speaks at a press conference
Gov. Mike DeWine [Daniel Konik | Statehouse News Bureau]

DeWine Stands Strong On Gun Violence Package, Even After Mixed Reviews

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Gov. Mike DeWine says he’s confident his STRONG Ohio gun violence package will be enacted into law, in spite of the chilly reception he’s gotten from both Republicans and Democrats.

DeWine pushed back at Democrats’ criticism that the STRONG Ohio plan is weak, saying it wasn’t written by the gun lobby.

He also defends not including required background checks, which he had called for after the Dayton shooting. His bill creates a voluntary program for private gun sellers to check buyers’ backgrounds. DeWine said he had to come up with a bill that would pass the Republican dominated legislature.

“I live in the real world, and I’m here to get things done, and I will guarantee Ohioans that when we pass this bill, you will be safer. I cannot guarantee that we won’t have tragedies. But I can guarantee you that we will be a lot safer,” DeWine said.

Republicans had been concerned about his version of a red flag gun seizure law, but he says the one in this bill protects police along with people’s due process rights while getting them the help they need.

The bill will start in the Ohio Senate, where it’s expected to get a warmer reception than in the House.