Unofficial Election Results for Meigs County

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Here are the unofficial election results for Meigs County for November 2019.

Meigs County residents voted in Barbara Musser, Tony B. Hawk and Roger Abbott for the Meigs Local School District Board of Education. Musser received 1,431 votes, Hawk received 1,375 votes and Abbott received 1,182 votes. Todd Snowdon lost with 974 votes.

The 1 Mill 911 operating tax passed with 2,361 votes for and 2,295 against. The 0.5 Mill Museum operating tax levy failed. 1,729 people voted for the levy, while 2,909 people voted against the levy.

The 1 Mill Humane Society operating tax failed. 2,039 people voted for the tax and 2,655 people voted against the tax.