Unofficial Election Results for Washington County

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Here are the unofficial election results for Washington County:

Michael L. Lorentz won the Belpre mayor’s race with 636 votes, while Judy Drake received 395 votes and Romel Henderson received 205 votes.

David E. Ferguson, Donna L. Miller and Larry K. Martin have secured At-large seats on the Belpre City Council. Ferguson received 814 votes, Miller got 685 votes, and Martin received 643 votes.  Paul A. Wallace lost the race with  438 votes.

Joshua D. Schlicher won Mayor of Marietta City with 1,410 votes compared to Harley Noland, who had 942 votes, and Joe A. Matthews, who received 874 votes.

In the race for the Third Ward seat on Marietta Council, Bill Gossett received 576 votes. His opponent Steve Tomas received 330 votes.

Steven W. Weber won the race for Lowell Mayor with 48 votes over David Hanes’ 41.

Joshua Harris won Adams Township Trustee with 198 votes, His opponent, Michael W. Woodford, received 104 votes.

Trent Yoho received more votes than Terry Wellich for Decatur Township Trustee 74-59.

Patrick Gates beat Donnie P. Allen Jr 153 votes to 90 for Fairfield Township Trustee.

Gary McKnight Jr won Grandview Township Trustee with 226 votes over Richard Early Jr (109 votes) and Darell Spears (58 votes).

Mike Dalrymple won Independence Township Trustee with 49 votes while Larry Hockenberry received 23.

LeRoy A. Schroeder received more votes than Robert Wells in the race for Liberty Township Trustee. Schroeder received 68 votes while Wells received 29.

Jerry Stevens won Marietta township trustee receiving 809 votes to Ray Witten’s 305.

Marietta township fiscal officer was won by Jennifer Deem who received 648 votes to Candy Nelson’s 445.

The race for Muskingum township trustee was won by Gary Doan, who received 943 votes. The next closest candidate was Brian Pracht with 547 votes, then Catlin Ball with 9 votes.

Jay Huck defeated Lhan Weppler for Muskingum township trustee (UTE 12/31/2021) 1,193 votes yo 352.

Rick Seevers won Newport township trustee with 164 votes over William H. Bowersock (162) and Phil Smitley (145).

In a four-candidate race for Salem township trustee, Clinton Miller won with 103 votes. The next highest voted candidate was William Lee Byers (85), followed by Robert F. Gerst Sr (62) and Gene A. McAlarney (36).

Janet Bever won Salem township fiscal officer with 155 votes over Amy J. Hoopes’ 124.

In the race for Waterford township fiscal officer, Lori Schilling defeated Shelbi Worstell 405 votes to 214.

Amy McKenzie won Warren township fiscal officer with 356 votes over Callie A. Benedict’s 136 votes.

Joe Huck beat David Huck for Watertown township trustee with 181 to 152 votes.

Allan Schehl defeated Terry E. Rataiczak and Donna Fields Fogle for Caldwell Exempted Member of Board of Education. Schehl received 14 votes, Fogle received the next highest with 13, and Rataiczak received 6 votes.

Debbie West won Warren Local Member Board of Education with 1,078 votes to Sydney Brackenridge’s 993 and Willie Holbert’s 874.

215 people voted in favor of the Fearing township representative 1 Mill fire EMS levy. 42 people voted against the levy.

255 people voted in favor of the Watertown Township Add 1.3 Mill fire levy. 80 people voted against the levy.

The Salem Township representative 2 Mill Fire EMS levy was passed by a vote of 239 to 44.

The New Matamoras Add 5 Mill Current operating expense levy did not pass.  114 people voted against the levy compared to 78 people voting in favor of the levy.

The Frontier LSD Sub 1.58 Mill Tax Levy was passed by a vote of 574 to 547.

The Marietta CSD Bond Issue failed to pass. 3,658 voted against the levy while 2,687 people voted in favor.

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