Unofficial General Election Results for Guernsey County

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Unofficial general election results for contested races and local issues are in for Guernsey County.

Mike Stranathan defeated David Barbour in the Pleasant City mayoral race, after receiving 35 votes to to Barbour’s 29.

Jay Jackson overwhelmingly defeated Tom Kenworthy and Marj Warner in the Byesville mayoral race, receiving 371 votes to Warner’s 86 votes and Kenworthy’s 94 votes.

Zedrick  Clark narrowly defeated Jody Lowry in the Senecaville Mayoral race, receiving 39 votes to Lowry’s 33 votes.

The Newcomerstown Exempted School District levy passed, receiving 30 “for” votes to 21 “against” votes.

The Cambridge City Schools levy failed, receiving 1252 “against” votes to 1086 “for” votes.

The Spencer Township Fire renewal levy easily passed, receiving 107 “for” votes to 16 “against” votes.

The Richland Township Cemetery replacement levy passed, receiving 233 “for” votes to 91 “against” votes.

The Richland Township Fire replacement levy easily passed, receiving 200 “for” votes to 28 “against” votes.

The Oxford Township Fire renewal levy passed, receiving 96 “for” votes to 28 “against” votes.

The Oxford Township Cemetery renewal levy passed, receiving 75 “for” votes to 37 “against” votes.

The Liberty Township Current Expenses renewal levy passed, receiving 133 “for” votes to 55 “against” votes.

The Liberty Township Fire Renewal levy passed, receiving 151 “for” votes to 37 “against” votes.

The Center Township Road Renewal levy passed, receiving 272 “for” votes to 97 “against” votes.

The Senecaville Street Improvement Levy passed, receiving 51 “for” votes to 23 “against” votes.

The Quaker City Street Improvement Replacement levy passed, receiving 44 “for” votes to 16 “against” votes.

The Pleasant City Current Expenses Replacement levy passed, receiving 49 “for” votes to 12 “against” votes.

The Cumberland $4 million Fire Renewal levy passed, receiving 40 “for” votes to 18 “against” votes.

The Cumberland $1 million Fire Renewal levy passed, receiving 42 “for” votes to 17 “against” votes.

The Byesville Fire Renewal Levy passed, receiving 349 “for” votes to 206 “against” votes.

The Countryview Assisted Living Renewal levy passed, receiving 4873 “for” votes to 1571 “against” votes.

George Wood won the Jackson Trustee race, defeating Glen F. Underwood 646 votes to Underwood’s 305.

Delbert Abrams won the Valley Trustee race, receiving 208 votes to William H. Cunningham’s 40 votes, and David Warner’s 136 votes.

Jacob T. Glasgow defeated Andrew Kleiner and Richard W. Kuthy, receiving 60 votes to Kleiner’s 36 votes, and Kuthy’s 39 votes.

Virgil Quillin defeated Thomas A. Braniger Sr, and Paul Emig receiving 73 votes to Braniger’s 49 votes, and Emig’s 59 votes in the Monroe Trustee race.

Austin C. Nichols defeated Casey Raber in the Madison Trustee race, receiving 38 votes to Raber’s 30 votes.

Lewis Leigh Catlett won the Knox Trustee race, receiving 78 votes to Greg Fuller’s 30 votes.

Jeffery Bridgeman defeated Robert E. Oakley in the Center Trustee race, receiving 189 votes to Oakley’s 162 votes.

Timothy L. Haren and Michael Port won the Byesville Village Council race, receiving 264 votes and 248 votes respectively. They defeated Donald J. Gadd and Sean Cox, who received 226 votes, and 142 votes respectively.

Jay Davis won two-year term on the Ridgewood Board of Education, receiving 11 votes to Alan Folkert’s 7 votes.

Scott Craigo, Tony Griffith, and Cathrine J. McCrea secured seats on the Ridgewood Board of Education receiving 9, 10, and 12 votes. The three will serve four-year terms on the Board.

Mike Mathers, Gail Requardt, and Renee Coll won the East Muskingum Board of Education election, defeating Stacey L. Snider, and Chad Parker. The winners received 368, 327, 285 votes respectively. The losers received 250 and 236 votes respectively.

Dennis Doutt and Jennis J. Patterson defeated Tom Yeckley  in the East Guernsey Board of Education race. The winners received 744 and 692 votes respectively, while the loser received 630 votes.

Amy Kissinger and Ronald B. Miller won the Cambridge City Board of Education, receiving 1114 and 1297 votes respectively. They defeated Liz Keinsell and Gretchen Brumfield who received 380 and 1014 votes respectively.

Luke A. Howald won the Washington Fiscal Officer race, defeating Jamie R. Rominger. Howald received 32 votes to Rominger’s 20 votes.

Jacob T. Glasgow won the Oxford Trustee race, receiving 60 votes. He defeated Andrew Kleiner and Richard W. Kuthy, who received 36 and 39 votes respectively.

Karen Horvath defeated Rochelle M. Masters-DeVore in the Madison Fiscal Officer race, receiving 105 votes to masters-DeVore’s 69 votes.

For full election results, please visit the WOUB elections page.