Blacksmith Shop Dedicated to Creativity, Skill and Artistry in “Urban Forge: Ozark Artistry” – Thursday, March 11 at 8 pm

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 “Urban Forge: Ozark Artistry”

Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 8 p.m on WOUB

modern Blacksmith swinging hammerIn Mountain View, Arkansas, a talented group of men and women keep the time-honored tradition of metal smithing alive through their daily work at Urban Forge. The process is labor intensive and rewarding in equal measure, producing great works of art forged in fire with attention, sweat and love. “Urban Forge: Ozark Artistry” illustrates first-hand the process of taking a product from conception to completion, crafting raw material into a final product. The film highlights the tools and techniques that date back centuries, as well as the craftsmanship and dedication it takes to produce these functional works of art. Viewers will experience the pride of craftsmanship and gain an understanding of the importance of keeping a tradition alive, passing it down through generations in both skills and heirlooms. ​